What Happened to Women Uplifting Women

In the era of the Girl Boss, the Madam Vice President,

even feminism becoming a major,

I wonder what ever happened to women uplifting women?

where did I miss the memo that the second step was to tear my sister down?

She floods your comments with heart eye emojis,

praises your accomplishments,

you had her as “hermana” in your phone.

what ever happened to women uplifting women?

that behind closed doors you become subject to dissection,

under the knife- told you’re too loud, too thin, too fat, too quiet, too white, too dark, too confident, too meek,

too everything

finding each imperfection, each insecurity of her own,

to place you within her personal hierarchy- forget the patriarchy

you enter the operating room as sister

and leave as “bitch”

the men laugh as they watch us fight one another,

instead of fighting for equal pay.

sister, why must we fight?

you see we are stronger when we raise our fists together,

not at one another.

must we internalize the misogynistic values taught by our fathers and uncles?

afterall what do they know what it means to be a woman?

to be a woman is to be the universe,

the closest mechanism to God,

one with nature.

Our power brings light into the world,

our purpose brings gentleness and mercy

something we rarely give to each other

so I ask you why must we use our power to harm one another?

what happened to women uplifting women?

that I do not know,

but dear sister know this…

I will fight for your liberation,

even if you do not fight for mine.

as choosing not to fight for your sisters,

will harm us all.




Just a young Persian Latina using poetry to heal and empower

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Isabella Fallahi

Isabella Fallahi

Just a young Persian Latina using poetry to heal and empower

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