Who Knew A Person Could Become A Memory?

they say that parting brings such sweet sorrow, that’s what they say.

when the sweetness of your kisses have left my mouth,
With no sight of return, I begin to taste a bitterness.
the clouds cover the sun and it’s warmth,
the rain begins to fall, but I don’t have you to hold my umbrella, to cuddle as we listen to each drop.

after you’ve gone,
my eyes turn to puddles.
my heart aches,
I wonder if the person to whom I gave love will turn into a memory.

reverting to old habits.
I fear the heartbreak of yesterday,
for so long I became accustomed to our whirlpool of emotions,

the uncertainty of an ‘us’.

since you said ‘i love you’,
since you kissed me every morning before you walked out the door,

I’ve been scared to lose the love you gave me.

How could I go from being your one in only,
to being one of many?
How could the words you whispered lose their meaning?

How could the touch of you lose such affection?
How could a person become a memory?




Just a young Persian Latina using poetry to heal and empower

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Isabella Fallahi

Isabella Fallahi

Just a young Persian Latina using poetry to heal and empower

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